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Today is the age of Digital convergence of  Computers, Laptops and Mobile based tablets, devices and Smartphones. Our life is an intrinsic part of the ever converging Digital Web. Envisioning the tremendous potential for the innovative products required by  ever evolving users in  the computing and digital marketplace, Cadyce was launched. Today, the innovative range of Cadyce products is a result of more than four year of rigorous research, design, innovation, testing and state of the art manufacturing. Our innovative products that are feature rich coupled with great after sales support and warranty policies make our product range enviable .

Cadyce is a leading networking and lifestyle brand having a global presence. Our thrust areas include Corporate Communications, Networking and Office Automation and Lifestyle Multimedia products . Cadyce's diverse product line includes Internet Cameras, USB Accessories, Presentation Devices, Serial Communication Cards and Apple Accessories.

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