About Us


Cadyce is a leading networking and lifestyle brand having a global presence. We seek to be the most preferred brand in the computing and digital lifestyle marketplace.

At Cadyce there is a continuing endeavor to improve, enhance and introduce robust products with the latest technology.

We offer a complete line of reliable end-to-end networking solutions for the most demanding business and mobile environments. Cadyce’s diverse product line includes Internet Cameras, USB Accessories, Presentation Devices, Serial Communication Cards and Apple Accessories.

The name Cadyce is derived from the form of a communication used in ancient Roman empire. During war, information passage was important from battle field to the kings palace. Hence a kind of a formation called team of ADYCE was formed , it means to Bridge and let connect . The prefix C is used to give it a brand sense parabola of a complete word. Cadyce lets you connect and communicate by the development and delivery of high value, innovative products for industries and companies of all sizes.


Cadyce aims to be the world leader in innovative and cutting edge IT products in the ever expanding digital marketplace.


Providing meaningful solutions that addresses business and operational needs.