Cadyce CA-C4H USB-C™ to USB 3.0 4 Port Hub: A Handy Accessory to Complement Your Workspace!

Get your USB-C™ enabled computer a new, helpful friend. The Cadyce CA-C4H, USB-C™ to USB 3.0 4 Port Hub is a stylish and elegant device that can compliment your computer perfectly. Connect devices and USB peripherals such as a camera, a mouse, a keyboard or a printer to your computer and enjoy the substantial increase in your work speed and efficiency.

In addition to connecting peripherals, you can use the CA-C4H to charge your Apple device with its BC1.2 charging. What’s most special about the CA-C4H is its auto switching between Bus-Powered and Self-Powered mode, in accordance with your work demand.

Using the Cadyce CA-C4H, USB-C™ to USB 3.0 4 Port Hub is childishly easy, all you need to do is plug it in. The USB 3.0 port has super speed efficiency, and the hub supports fast data transfer, up to 5 Gbps!

The CA-C4H supports most operating systems, including Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Mac OS. In an elegant  aluminium casing, the device is lightweight, compact and conveniently made to carry around and use wherever, whenever required.

Where required, the device also supports downward compatibility with USB 2.0.

On its side, the Cadyce CA-C4H, USB-CTM to USB 3.0 4 Port Hub has four USB 3.0 output ports which support BC1.2 charging, as mentioned above. It has a hub downstream link, USB 3.0 type A female ports at front, and a host upstream link, USB-CTM male connector.

When you need to work with multiple devices simultaneously, you often face the problem of a lack of vital ports in the computer itself. The clutter, too, becomes unbearable at one point. The CA-C4H provides a solution to all such problems, de-cluttering your workspace and sparing you the headache of dealing with too many devices.

The Cadyce CA-C4H, USB-C™ to USB 3.0 4 Port Hub is a really handy device, taking care of trivial inconveniences for you, thereby making your work much easier.