Now connect any VGA display monitor or projector with full HD streaming. Get an additional benefit of simultaneously charging your computer. This can be done for USB-C type equipped computers with the new Cadyce CA-C3VGA Adapter. It is one of the bestselling among their products under the Cables & Adapters category, and rightly so. It is loaded with features and available at the most nominal price.

The reason why it is the best on the market right now is that of all the cables and adapters available, it is the one gives a stunning complete HD view with the perfect picture quality. It allows you to connect to any standard VGA display to a MacBook or New Chromebook Pixel, at a resolution of up to 1080P at 60 Hz.

With a power consumption of just 430 mA, it is a very power-economic device. Added to this, this adapter also enables you to extend your screen across devices. What extension allows you to do is, stretch the image or document across multiple screens. In professional scenes, this enables documents like spreadsheets to be extended across bigger surfaces as it lets all the columns and rows to be visible. In gaming and design industries, one screen is used to create a design and edit while another is used to see the rendered result.

Mirroring enable you to reflect whatever is there on your screen onto a second screen without the horizontal flipping that real life mirrors do. This also lets you do a presentation while also looking at your notes in a mode called the ‘presentation mode’. Mirroring often requires some software to be installed on the primary device that lets you cast your screen. This is equivalent to Apple’s AirPlay and Microsoft’s Miracast. Well most of us do not have these apps, and this is exactly the gap that this Cadyce VGA Adapter fills up. The supported modes include Extended Desktop which is the default mode, Mirrored Desktop and Primary Display.

The CA-C3VGA Adapter has a connector that is USB-C type 3.1 which can connect to USB-C equipped computer and a VGA port to a VGA display. Both Windows and Mac OS are compatible to be used with this device and it also has a USB-C type and up to 6 adapters may be used to work simultaneously, thus increasing work efficiency. Using the USB-C 3.1 you can now connect to any TV, VGA monitor or projector. It allows for full HD view. It can transfer data at up to 5 Gbps. With a simple plug and play device, there is absolutely no software installation required; you can connect and play in a jiffy.

It is also a really compact device housed in Aluminium case. It comes in an attractive Silver color that would be cool to carry around. The exact specification of the make and model can be viewed at the official product website.