There are times when our life turns to the boring side, but we have the world of music to spice things up. But music demands the best audio quality medium to convey itself and the hunt for a good adapter, cable, headphones, earphones, stereo, begins. We need that extra bass, that extra intricate detail of each note, each treble, each tune to reach our ear and only then we would consider it as a full satisfactory listening experience.

We know that there are plenty of adapters out there, but if you ask us who is reigning over the audio realm, hey, it’s us! We have exclusively created a unique, one of a kind audio cable, CA-AUXC, which is capable of connecting your headphones, stereo, speakers with any media devices having a 3.5mm jack.

What makes it different?

CA-AUXC is uniquely and carefully built by keeping certain things in mind. Other cables have a tendency to get tangled mysteriously, it’s like you have kept them straight as a stick and still, somehow, there forms a single tangle. Tangled cables sometimes become a headache to smoothen out and it also does not look good at all. These are the reasons; CA-AUXC sports a tangle-resistant body, and a CADMiUM braided body to ensure firm and break-proof cable experience. The length of the cable is 1.2m which lets you move quite freely for a certain distance if you are using it for your smartphones and headphones. Overall, this product has no other likeness in the market of cables and adapters, and is surely one in a million!

Reasons why you should buy CA-AUXC right now

The foremost reason that we would like to point out is that you are a music lover! We understand that those moments of drowning oneself in the beautiful melody and voice is pure heaven, and this is why we are dedicating our skills and time in providing you with that particular cable which you should own to enhance your audio quality by making it more clear and crisp! Moreover, CA-AUXC is highly adaptable with any kind of media with a 3.5mm port. It has a CADMiUM braided body which enhances its durability and its metallic appearance makes it look quite bold and classy. It is a package deal all wrapped in one and if you are thinking about the price, do not strain yourself because it comes at a very affordable and reasonable cost which does not compromise with the quality of the product.

High audio quality will blow your mind away!

CA-AUXC premium CADMiUM Auxiliary Audio Cable gives a firm and durable connection between two devices and in turn serves with the best and crisp sound quality on the plate! Its noise cancellation feature reduces noise and unwanted disturbances to provide you with the high-quality stereo sound!


So, you do not need to get confused with all those aux cables out there in the market. We guarantee you that what we have in store for you, the one and only CA-AUXC will surely win your heart and you will never ever regret your purchase. CA-AUXC not just claims to be the best CADMiUM Auxiliary Audio Cable, but strives to be! Buy this product by Cadyce here.