The DisplayPort™ to DisplayPort™ Cable with Audio by Cadyce

Technological advances in today’s world are moving at a very fast pace. As a result of this, it is only natural that people will only want all that is currently the best in the market. This applies to everything related to technology and in this case, the same applies to audio and display options and solutions.

Once you experience a higher quality, it’s hard to go back. The DisplayPort™ to DisplayPort™ Cable by Cadyce makes sure you never have to go back. It is suitable for businesspersons and gamers alike. It’s a perfect solution for the newer models of computers that have a DisplayPort™ enabled displays.

DisplayPort™ cables are taking over

Most consumer models of computers and systems are fitted with HDMI cables. However, with the new updates of the specs of HDMI cables, there are now four types of HDMI cables available. The specification of which type of cable is most compatible with the system is not mentioned. This makes it difficult to choose the right cable.

There exists only one kind of DisplayPort™ cable, making it simpler to define. It delivers a bandwidth that can carry a video resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. The refresh rate is a hefty 60 Hz and it can support all the common video formats. The DisplayPort™ cable can also carry multichannel audio channels.

Furthermore, a DisplayPort™ cable is not limited to just a DisplayPort™ source. With a simple adapter, it can be used for VGA display as well as HDMI displays. This cable enables you to experience the quality of today without leaving behind yesterday.

Features of DisplayPort™ to DisplayPort™ Cable with Audio by Cadyce

The DisplayPort™ to DisplayPort™ cable with the audio or the CA-DPCAB boasts many attractive features.

It supports a 4K x 2K display resolution at a refresh rate of 60 Hz. This provides a much better display quality than standard HDMI cables.

The CA-DPCAB supports DisplayPort™ 1.2 specifications. These are the latest specs for all DisplayPort™ sources. A single connector can drive two 2560 x 1600 monitors or four 1920 x 1200 monitors simultaneously with higher color depths. The auxiliary channel has a bandwidth of 720 Mbps and can double as USB 2.0 or Ethernet connection. The DisplayPort™ 1.2 is also compatible with DisplayPort™ 1.1 connectors and cables.

The CA-DPCAB supports DisplayPort™ Content Protection (DPCP) and High Definition Content Protection Compliant (HDCP). Though the standard in many households is 1080p, many devices have begun upgrading to 4K much to the delight of film enthusiasts who wish to enjoy their favorite films in their home theatres. The HDCP was created by Intel to secure the cables between the source and the sink or the source and the TV, monitor or video projector. This prevents the copying of motives and protects the content creator’s rights and their copyrighted work from digital piracy. However, this should not affect the common man who just wants to enjoy a film in the privacy of their own home.

The CA-DPCAB is compliant with the latest standards such that it allows the encrypted carriage of the digital content with little to no risk. This enables people to view and enjoy their content in ultra high definition without experiencing any breaks.

The CA-DPCAB supports eight channels of Linear PCM in 24-bit audio at 192 kHz. LCPM supports higher resolution audio with minimum loss of quality through the cable.

The CA-DPCAB also supports uncompressed digital LCPM 5.1, 7.1 or two channels. Uncompressed LCPM allows for the best quality audio to be received through the cable. The form of audio supported by the cable is a standard for CD players, DVD players, and Blu-Ray. This uncompressed format reduces the loss of quality, lending the audio the same quality as Dolby surround.

Drivers are not required for the CA-DPCAB as it features Plug-N-Play installation. This essentially means that you are not required to go through several steps to manually install the driver. The operating system can recognize that a device has been plugged in due to the plug and play feature.

The DisplayPort™ to DisplayPort™ cable with audio does not require an external power adapter for its working. It is powered by the bus it is connected to.

This cable is compatible with Windows OS and Mac OS and all USB-C™ enabled systems. The cable is 1.8 meters or six feet long. Priced at Rs. 1,999, it is the perfect solution for all your entertainment needs as well as your business purposes.

What is DisplayPort™?

DisplayPort™ is a standard of video user interface administered by the Video Electronics Standard Association (VESA). It supports higher refresh rates and high dynamic range or HDR at higher resolutions. It supports multiple display configurations from a single video source as well as an improved user experience with AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) displays. Although DisplayPort™ was originally introduced for personal computer display interface, it is now available on a wide range of devices such as tablets, notebooks, and desktop computers. It is also slowly becoming a part of digital television for the 4K viewing experience.

The several advantages of DisplayPort™ are what have attracted a lot of consumers, and for this reason, many manufacturers have begun to make DisplayPort™ a part of their design. The benefits are as follows.

It provides a higher performance capability compared to traditional cables.

The availability of an adapter for legacy display type is quite high. This allows a user to use an older display interface to showcase high-quality video and audio.

Multiple displays can be connected to a single video output. This can be considered one of the biggest advantages of DisplayPort™ cables.

Who can use DisplayPort™ to DisplayPort™ cable with audio?

DisplayPort™ to DisplayPort™ cable with audio can be used by any consumer who wishes to enjoy a high-quality audio-visual experience. However, it can mainly be categorized into three groups.

The film enthusiasts who want top-notch display and audio for their home theatres can use DisplayPort™ to DisplayPort™ cable with audio. The latest standard of screens available on the market is 4K television. An HDMI cable is the standard port for most televisions. A DisplayPort™ to DisplayPort™ cable with audio can support ultra HD while staying within the regulations to prevent digital piracy.

The DisplayPort™ to DisplayPort™ cable with audio is also highly beneficial to gamers. With the vastly improved graphics of the video games of today, it is only fitting to have an equally improved display. The CA-DPCAB can provide the immersive gaming experience that is coveted by many. The main benefit arises from the fact that one can display a video on multiple interfaces from a single source. Additionally, a large number of gaming experiences have been testing out virtual reality. The DisplayPort™ to DisplayPort™ cable with audio can provide a better surround experience in the realm of VR.

That last set of people who can benefit greatly from DisplayPort™ to DisplayPort™ cables with audio is those who work in the business sector. A lot of the laptops and personal computers that are marketed to business professionals are fitted with and compatible with DisplayPort™. The projectors for business presentations are also fitted with DisplayPort™. A DisplayPort™ to DisplayPort™ cable with audio enables professionals to present a high-quality pitch that is more likely to attract customers due to the higher resolution and more refined look.

Cadyce’s Successful Endeavors

Cadyce has released numerous successful products to the market. The products released have been engineered with the latest technology for a high-performance capacity. The DisplayPort™ to DisplayPort™ cable with audio is no exception.

This product has been created to give the user a better visual experience. The cable itself is complementary to the aesthetic of any setting it is to be used in. The sleek, minimalist design with the metallic detailing gives the product a classy look. It would not seem as unsightly as thick, black cables lying on the floor, owing to its thin cable. Not only is the cable tastefully designed, but it is also high performing, supporting a wide range of audio and video types. Here at Cadyce, there is no compromise on fashion or function. The products have been specially designed with both factors given their due importance.

Cadyce has a wide line of products to make lives easier and to solve networking and connectivity issues. The company is dedicated to making the lives of consumers easier while also releasing reasonably priced products. You can expect nothing less than top-notch quality products from Cadyce.

Contact Cadyce

To find out more about the DisplayPort™ to DisplayPort™ cable with the audio or any other product you are interested in, you can contact Cadyce at

The products at Cadyce are surely going to impress you because everything available here is made keeping the latest advancements in mind.

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